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7 Snoring Myths Busted!

7 Snoring Myths Busted!

Myth #1 – Only men snore

How sexist! Yes, it’s true, there are more men who snore than women, but the fact remains that women snore too.  Even if the ration of snoring men to women is double, that still means there are a LOT of women who snore.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are 90 million Americans who are affected by snoring and 37 million of those are on a regular basis.  Even if it were only men who were the snorers, there would be a very high number of female sleeping partners who would

Myth #2 – Only overweight people snore

It’s no secret that many snorers are overweight, or obese.  Yes, they are at the highest risk for serious heart conditions and Obstructive Sleep Apnea,  but are by no means the only ones who snore.  Other causes for snoring like deviated septum, alcohol, lazy throat muscles can affect anyone and are not strictly limited to the obese population.

Myth #3 – Snoring comes from a stuffy nose

This is one cause, but not the only a fraction of snorers can be attributed here.  For the vast majority of snorers, the snoring actually originates in the throat – caused by relaxation of the throat muscles which results in minimized airflow.  This minimized, or obstructed, airflow causes the tissue in the back of the throat to vibrate and cause snoring.

Myth #4 – Everyone snores, so it must be normal

Snoring is a serious condition and should not be labeled as ‘normal’.  A few of the health risks of snoring include sleep deprivation, heart conditions, lack of oxygen to the brain, hypertension, and can even increases weight gain!  Normal sleep means clear, quiet, unobstructed breathing with constant airflow.  What is not normal is struggling to breathe while you sleep and interrupting others while they’re sleeping normally.

Myth #5 – You can tell if you snore

Many people who snore have no idea unless their sleeping partner tells them so.  Even with awoken by your own snoring, the connection between what actually woke you up isn’t often made.  Many shrug snoring off as a small annoyance instead as treated how it should be – a serious condition.  If you wake up in the middle of the night with no recollection of what woke you up, ask your partner if you snore and see a doctor.  If you’re a lone sleeper, it’s worth asking the doctor about on your next checkup.  It can’t hurt to ask!

Myth #6 – Snoring is harmless

Just the opposite.  As stated earlier in this article, there are many health risks associated to snoring.  Affecting not only the person who snores, but everyone around them, snoring puts everyone at risk unknowingly.  Take a look at the list of symptoms and risks this ‘small issue’ provides:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • High blood pressure, heart conditions and stroke
  • Increased risk of behavioral problems in children
  • Increased risk of automobile accidents due to sleepiness
  • Disrupting bed partner’s sleep
  • Hearing loss – in extreme cases

Myth #7 – Snoring can’t be treated

There are many solutions out there for snoring from daily exercises to mouth pieces to pillows. Even surgery solutions to correct a deviated septum.  However, many of the anti-snoring products out there can be uncomfortable, invasive and often.  This is exactly why Ysnore was created – to give people a safe, easy way to sleep through the night without impeding your natural state of sleep by throwing in a weird pillow, or putting a breathing device in your mouth. You can stop snoring!


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