History of Ysnore

Ysnore is a family owned company dedicated to helping people sleep at night. Snoring is a common problem that affects the person snoring and everyone around them. Friends, family and even strangers on public transportation all suffer from one person’s airway obstruction when asleep. ¬†Ysnore anti-snoring nasal spray and drops have been helping people sleep through the night for years with safe, natural products.

Dr. Robert Ross

Founder of YSnore, Ross University School of Medicine and University of Medicine and Health Sciences. He knew, back when he introduced the Patented and Clinically Tested YSnore, Homeopathic Spray and Drops, there is simply no faster, easier, safer or more effective way to relieve snoring.


Dr. Robert Ross, Founder of Ysnore, Ross University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Ysnore Helps World Record Snorer

Melvin, a previous world record holder for loudest snoring, spent many nights sleeping alone as his wife had to sleep on the couch. Sleeping next to a man snoring at 87.5 dBA(equivalent to a diesel truck that is 10 meters away), Mrs. Switzer actually ended up turning deaf in one ear! Thanks to Ysnore, all that changed and they can now stay in the same room every night.


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