ysnore 10ml anti-snoring spray

Anti-Snoring Nasal Spray – 10mL


Ysnore anti-snoring nasal spray is a safe, effective and homeopathic snoring remedy that lets you have a good night’s sleep.

  • Homeopathic clinically proven. Gluten free, and vegetarian
  • Easy to use nasal spray. No bad taste or pills to take.
  • There is simply no safer, or faster or more effective way to relieve snoring than with Ysnore
  • One or two drops or sprays in each nostril before bedtime help everyone enjoy a quiet nights sleep.
  • Natural and Safe – No harmful ingredients, no side effects.


Product Description

Ysnore anti-snoring nasal spray, with one simple use before bed, lets you breath easily through the night without any questionable pills, bad tasting solutions, or invasive anti-snore device or mouthpiece.  Allowing you to sleep naturally, our anti-snoring nasal spray effectively removes the cause of snoring at the source and opens the airways for comfortable breathing.  Scientifically speaking, Ysnore lubricates and softens the mucous membranes while slightly tightening the musculature in the throat. This means that breathing becomes easy and unobstructed, and while preventing the dry mouth that many snorers complain about in the morning.


All natural anti-snoring nasal spray that works!


What’s in it: Purified water, sodium chloride, glycerin, ethanol, benzalkonium chloride.

  • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: All natural Homeopathic Tinctures of Dioscorea Villosa 2XHPUS and Zingiber Officinale 2X HPUS.
  • APPLICATION: Nasal application.
  • DOSAGE: Pump 1 or 2 sprays for each nostril at bedtime. Shake well before use. For best results daily use is required.
  • ADVERSE EFFECT: No adverse effect has been detected after treatment.
  • PACKING: Nasal Pump Spray 10 ml. Sufficient for approx 60 treatments.
  • US PATENT 5.603.935

Our anti-snoring nasal spray helps your body to breath easily through the night to help stop snoring.  Using uncomfortable devices and questionable pills are difficult to justify when there is an all natural anti-snoring nasal spray that could easily do the trick.  A quick purchase process and a few days for shipping, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

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Additional Information

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