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Snoring Is Killing You!

Snoring – extremely common and can affect any person. Overweight people and men have the most frequent snoring difficulties. As people get older, this problem tends to get worse. Doing it from time to time is something that does not need to be taken too seriously. More than anything, it is a problem for the person sleeping next to the snorer. However, people who snore habitually are not only causing the people next to them to lose sleep, they are disrupting their own sleep patterns. As time goes by, this can have many negative consequences on the snorer’s overall health. In some cases, it can be the first indicator that a person is slowly developing obstructive sleep apnea, a much more serious condition. It may surprise many people to know that there is research which indicates roughly 40 percent of men and 30 percent of women are snorers.

 What is the cause of snoring?

  •  When there is a physical obstruction that blocks air from flowing through the nose and mouth, this problem will occur. There are several things that can result in the obstruction of air flow:
  •  Long uvula and/or soft palate: These have the ability to narrow the opening between the throat and the nose. When there are vibrations in these structures that causes them to bump into each other, an obstruction in the airway occurs.
  •  Bulky throat tissue: This is a problem frequently seen in people who are overweight. It is also an issue for children with large adenoids and tonsils.
  •  Bad muscle tone in the tongue and throat: If the muscles in the tongue and throat become overly relaxed, they can possibly collapse. This will cause them to obstruct the airway. This is commonly seen when people use sleeping pills, consume alcohol or enter a deep sleep. These muscles become more relaxed as a person ages.
  •  Nasal airways becoming obstructed: There are certain people who only have difficulties when they are suffering from a sinus infection or common allergies. Nasal polyps or a deviated septum are also common causes of nasal airway obstructions.


What is sleep apnea?

 This is a serious sleep disorder that happens when there is an interruption in the breathing of a person while they are sleeping. People who suffer from sleep apnea and remain untreated will continually stop breathing while they are sleeping. In some cases, this can happen literally hundreds of times in a single night. The result of this could be that the brain and the rest of the person’s body will not receive as much oxygen as it needs in order to function efficiently.

 Let’s take a look at the two different types of sleep apnea:

  1. Obstructive sleep apnea
    This is the most common form of sleep apnea. It occurs when the airway becomes blocked. This usually happens when there is a collapse in the soft tissue located in the rear section of the throat while a person is sleeping.
  2. Central sleep apnea
    There is no blockage of the airway. However, the brain does not send a signal telling the muscles to breathe. This is caused by the respiratory control center in the brain becoming unstable.


The Solution

 If you are a chronic snorer and you are suffering health problems because of it, there is no reason for you to continue living your life in this manner. YSnore offers a solution to help all people struggling with this problem to get the restful sleep their body needs to stay healthy. Does your partner complain about being kept awake night after night because you are a loud snorer? Many relationships have been ruined by this issue. If you don’t want this to happen, you owe it to yourself and your partner to try YSnore and see what this product can do for you.

 What does it do?

Besides stop snoring?  Only lets you sleep through the night, no big deal.  When you apply a small amount prior to going to bed, the solution will open the person’s airway to enable them to breath easily as they sleep. Your partner will no longer need to wear earplugs throughout the night. You will no longer wake up feeling tired and unrefreshed.

 Why should you use it?

 It has been put through clinical trials at Stanford University and has been proven to work. Along with that, it is made from an all-natural, homeopathic formula. It is also non-addictive and it will not make you drowsy. It has no side effects or drug interactions of any kind. There are no animal products or gluten used in making the product.

 What are the effects YSnore has on the body?

  1.  Clearance of the nasal airways is provided sprayed into the nostrils. The person can then breath normally while they are sleeping.
  2.  The patented anti-snoring formula contains homeopathic ingredients that prevent friction and dryness from occurring in the tonsils, tongue and uvula when a person has their mouth open while they are sleeping. This helps to lessen the amount of noise that is produced when there is an obstruction in the airway. When the uvula is kept lubricated and the nostril is kept clear, the dual-dimensional airway is increased. This helps to lower the air velocity and soft-tissue vibrations that result from it. Clinical trials have conclusively proven that this process is capable of providing snorers with a significant reduction or complete elimination of their problem.

Outstanding quality of sleep

 YSnore nasal spray helps a wide variety of snorers to have a relaxing and refreshing sleep by allowing healthy breathing. Research has been conducted that indicates the spray can help people who use it to experience healthy rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is the stage of sleep that is the lightest. It is critical to the ability of the body to heal and replenish itself. One of the most common reasons that REM sleep is interfered with is because people snore. YSnore gives people a method of reducing or eliminating their problem, while also helping them to improve the quality of their sleep.

 The science behind YSnore

 While the idea of developing a spray to help snorers get rid of their problem is a great one, this idea needed to be researched and tested in clinical trials in order to prove once and for all that it was indeed an effective product to reduce or eliminate this problem, while also encouraging healthy breathing. The Stanford University Sleep Disorder Center conducted the clinical tests for the YSnore anti-snoring nasal spray. These tests have been able to confirm soft tissue vibrations can be prevented by using the spray prior to sleeping.

Snoring is killing you. It doesn’t have to.

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